Embody your Desire


Zoom link provided upon purchase of drop-in a separate email.

The class is 2 hours in duration and the Zoom room will be locked at 15 minutes after the hour.

To gain the most from the immersive nature of this experience, it’s important to arrive on time and be present for the full class.

** For those who cannot commit to the full 2 hours live, but who register for the class, we send out an audio recording so that you can dance the entire journey in the privacy and sanctity of your own space, in your own time.

Calendar for 2023

*Drop-in purchase links will be updated after each dance

*Please take note of time zone changes

25 January @ 7pm SAST • 9am PST • 12pm EST • 5pm UK • 6am NZST

22 February @ 7pm SAST • 9am PST • 12pm EST • 5pm UK • 6am NZST

29 March @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 6am NZST

26 April @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 5am NZST

31 May @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 5am NZST

14 June @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 5am NZST

26 July @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 5am NZST

30 August [no online class - BlissDance Retreat 18 - 25 August]

27 September @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 6am NZST

24 October @ 7pm SAST • 10am PST • 1pm EST • 6pm UK • 6am NZST

29 November @ 7pm SAST • 9am PST • 12pm EST • 5pm UK • 6am NZST

What is BlissDance?

BlissDance is a profound Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening.

Awakening in us our universal desire for Truth, Presence, Love, Connection, Beauty, Freedom, and Pleasure!

BlissDance, like Tantra, supports the powerful integration of all seeming polarities such as the sacred, profane and the sexual; the light and the shadow; and the masculine and the feminine.

One of the first principles of BlissDance, as a Tantric movement practice, is Presence – being present in the here and now, in our bodies, in our senses. Another is the connection between our desire, our sexuality and our hearts. As this happens, we get to experience and confront some of the unconscious patterns keeping us from being intimate with life, for example:

  • Body armoring: We hold our bodies rigid in an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling too much – or feeling what we have been suppressing. Sometimes it’s laughter or ecstasy, sometimes sadness, fear or anger. All these states are welcome in BlissDance.

  • Habitual Associations: Over a lifetime of suppressions, we have built up meaning through associations. When someone touches us, what does it mean? When we enjoy or dislike the touch, what fears come up? Do they relate to past experiences or future projections? In BlissDance, these subconscious processes become conscious.

In embodied awareness lies liberation.

One of the keys of BlissDance is its invitation to break out of our habits and stuck ways. We enact some of the dramas of everyday life – like having a couple’s fight – but dance this drama in a conscious way, as a celebration of the body, and as an act of liberation. In experiencing it consciously, something gives way, more space is created, and we celebrate our expansion.

Something opens up; I taste only sacredness.

The moment softens, our hearts soften, and our bodies melt. We get to feel everything intimately. We welcome what is, we no longer resist, and in that we can meet the beloved - in the dance and in the moment. In the first place, the beloved is our very own being. Then we can meet him/her/they in the other, the group, our lives, and in existence.

In BlissDance we get to practice embodying
our Awakening, and our Desire!

The BlissDance invitation

BlissDance is for those yearning for authentic presence, intimacy, connection, pleasure, love, freedom and truth.

It’s for brave spiritual warriors unafraid to fly their freak flags and have their vulnerability witnessed by others.

All it takes is a little willingness and a lot of curiosity. The music, the facilitation and the group carry us along into

what we really, really want: a deep heart opening into this present, precious moment.

Although BlissDance invites free, unrestricted movement, it’s lightly guided by the facilitator through the progression of a theme. Occasionally a movement practice may be demonstrated and interpreted by the facilitator, followed by an invitation to the dancers to explore their own responses and interpretations.

"Bliss is the balance

that happens when

we fully embrace
both our shadow & our light
and come to rest

as Love"

- Shakti Malan

❤︎ You do not need any previous dance experience
❤︎ Anybody in a body can BlissDance
❤︎ There’s no wrong or right way to move: there’s simply your way
❤︎ All of you is welcome

About Kali Satyagraha Widd

Kali trained with Shakti Malan, and has been facilitating BlissDance since 2012. Her invitation is to drop deeply into unconditional, loving Intimacy with ourselves, with others, and ultimately, the Beloved.  From the still, silent ground of our being, we ripple and flow outwards to dance with all of existence, drinking and kissing the moment, allowing this precious life to breathe, dance and celebrate us!


There's a shamanic quality to many of her journeys, as she employs expanded consciousness - through breathwork and subtle communication with the nervous system - to pierce the veils of illusion, unconscious constructs and the armouring we've become trapped in. Ultimately, embarking on a BlissDance journey from beginning to end - surfing our own unique edge - leaves us on a natural high, savouring the Nectar of Life, and vibrating with the very Eros of Existence.


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