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You love our community, what we teach, and what we put out into the world. Come be part it - for life! Get special discounts, retake your favorite courses for free, and get access to member-only masterclasses, resources and an entire community of like-minded others.

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What you get

Retake your favorite courses

You get to retake any course you've been part of, attending live teaching sessions + taking part in discussions.

Free enrollment in 'Desire, Fear, Taboo' course annually

Be empowered to awaken and access the true power of your sexuality.

30% discount on premium courses

Just this benefit could save you many hundreds of dollars on future enrollments!

Monthly masterclasses & curated events with experts

Learn + grow every month with new insights and customized teachings.

15% discount on in-person retreats

Because you know the value of embodiment & integration.

What's included?

We know that changing the way you think about + navigate your sexuality and psychology is a lifelong journey. So we designed this membership to support you in that journey over the long-haul. We're excited to journey with you together for a very long time!












Retake any course,

for free, for life

The work we do is deep and each time a student revisits these lessons they learn something new.

When you retake a course, you can ...

  • Attend the live teaching sessions
  • Get your questions answered in real time coaching-style
  • Learn along with a new cohort of wonderful people

Unlimited Attendance to our monthly classes

Every month, we host 3 community events.

We'll bring in experts in the fields of psychology, sexuality, and mysticism to share ideas and insights you can apply to your life + love immediately.

Three LIVE monthly classes

  • Salon - about the month's theme
  • BlissDance - online movement class
  • Open Studio - spotlight on a practitioner in our community
  • PLUS access to the archive of all these classes!

Unlimited Access to our masterclass library

We've been gathering experts in the field for a long time, so we have an incredible library you can access at your leisure. Pour yourself a glass of something delicious and pull up a class that piques your interest - any time you want!

Past masterclasses include:

  • KINK! Welcome to the Adult Playground
  • Big Awakenings, Great Sex And Deep Intimacy: Winning Strategies For The Heterosexual Man
  • Healing Fantasies: The Healing Power of our Darkest Shame
  • How To Achieve Conscious Wholeness: From 3D Ego To 4D Self

Lifetime membership to our premium

Mighty Network community

Our forthcoming Mighty Network learning community has three levels of membership and you’ll have lifetime access to all three levels. PLUS you’ll receive all the perks of each level. We’re curating a community of incredible people - kind, smart, curious. And we know that connecting with others and processing our thoughts & experiences is a great way to dig deeper into the topics we teach. You'll get to be part of that ... for life!

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Your Guides


van der Linde

Director +
Senior Faculty


Satyagraha Widd

Senior Faculty

+ BlissDance



BDSM expert +
Senior Faculty



Facilitator +
Senior Faculty



Facilitator +
Senior Faculty



Senior Faculty +

Guest Teacher

Kind words about our work

"Before entering the Shakti Shiva Academy, I felt imprisoned by the shame and rigidities of my past and wanted to renew my path of self-discovery and spirituality. The academy gave me tools, insights, and support to help me free myself from my dysfunctional thinking and become a more self-aware, loving, and liberated human. And now I can say I'm a bit closer to finding the Divine in myself and my relationships."

Clay - Almeda, California

“I feel really beautiful. The transformation inside and outside, I can see it in me and in all of you every time we get together. The lightness of being.  It is so profound.  And this is a sacred spiritual path to awakening and exactly where I needed to be. The layers of subtlety, I’ve never in my life experienced layers of subtlety like that. Your process, the structure of it, the deepening, the consistency that you’ve held  us. You’ve been models of the masculine and feminine and embodied this integration, I’ve felt so safe in this place. And, to know that I have everything I need to be fully, utterly embodied. That I am absolutely whole.”

Wendy - London, UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m signing-up for your BlissDance Practitioner Training starting May 2023, will I receive a 30% discount off the program fees?

Yes, as an Eternal Flame member, you receive a 30% discount on all of our programs and courses including our upcoming 12-month BlissDance Practitioner program.
Note: Registration opening 8 January 2023

I'm really busy! I'm interested in Eternal Flame but I'm not sure if this is the right time for me to join.

We get it! When you join this lifetime membership, you can re-take any class you've taken before and gain access to our masterclass library. So this is actually a great solution if you're busy! You can access our content on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Right now, we’re only accepting 25 folks at this price point for lifetime membership.  Thereafter, the price for lifetime membership will increase to $4995. So if you’re interested, you’ll want to grab your spot now! 

Have specific questions? Book a 20-minute discovery call HERE.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’ve enjoyed and benefited from our online courses, masterclasses, and retreats, then this lifetime membership is for you. It’s our love letter to our most devoted clients, students, and friends. 

Where does this membership take place?

The Eternal Flame Lifetime Membership will be hosted on Mighty Networks, an incredible online platform that gives us space to lead courses, livestream masterclasses, chat with each other, and share resources.

If you're nervous about navigating a new platform - don't be! We'll include a walk through and tutorial when you join us.

I love the Shakti Shiva Academy community, what you teach and what you’re up to in the world and I want to sign-up for all of your courses. Will this membership save me $ in the long run? 

Yes, if you’re new to our academy, joining the Eternal Flame Membership entitles you to 30% off all our courses (which could translate to a 50% discount if you pair it with our early bird course discounts) and you also get to retake any course that you’ve paid for for free, for life. You have the opportunity to save substantial money over the long run!

Which courses can I use the 30% discount on?

This discount can be applied to Soulmate Within, Sexual Shadow Integration Work, Sex, Relationship & Intimacy, Fundamentals of Facilitation, Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence, Sexual Awakening for Women, BlissDance Practitioner Training; and other premium courses to be developed in the future.

Which payment options are available? 

You can make a one time payment of $2495 through our payment gateway using credit card or Paypal. We can also make arrangements to receive a Venmo transaction or bank transfer. 

I live in South Africa. Is there a currency related price to become an Eternal Flame member?

Yes, there is a currency-related price of $1746.50 (One time payment through our payment gateway using credit card or Paypal) OR ZAR24 999 (one time payment by EFT).

Please contact for banking details or to receive your discount coupon code.

Do you offer a payment plan for the Eternal Flame membership?

Though we happily offer payment plans for our courses, we unfortunately do not offer a payment plan for this opportunity. Thank you for understanding! 

Still have questions? 

Book a discovery call HERE.

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